A Sudden Pause in Resistance

Pic By LVM 21/02/2019

A battle rages beneath the moral depth of insanity and certainty, it has no place in the human condition nor has it any benefit to natures growth.

Morals and righteousness have little if any substance to the well-being of any living creature. It will never guide you or set you on a path to eternity.

It is a false tower of elevated, blustering awareness,that fluctuates with the command of unstable emotions. It is a beacon of condemnation to the weak, sodden slaves of self reputation. Morals harden the hearts arteries of freedom and bleeds hate on the battle fields of the ghastly virtuous.

Spontaneity is your immunity from callousness. Natures directors are your guide. The breeze through your hair, the rain on your shoulders or, the spicy salt of the ocean, the snow filled valleys or, the pungent earth.

Take the righteous rules of regulation and make them a fires fuel that will warm from the cold and the rigid and bloom happiness to the consciousness of the aware.

By Lachlan V. Moore


Escape to Oblivion

Escape to Oblivion

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

She stands before you and waits. She waits until you see her; until you see her in the mist, in the sunshine; before nights fall and mornings rouse. She is in the silence of night and before the moons call. She is in the soil and trees. She is nowhere but, she is everywhere.

From extinction to extinction Oblivion roams the earth seeking her companions. From sunrise to sunrise she waits as waters rise over the lands and then decline. She searches for the existence of her beings, for proof of life; but there is none.

She dwells among the woodlands lingering in hope for someone to require her dependence but no one approaches for fear they will become lost.

 But she, Oblivion, would never misplace her young, or, take them on a journey to blackness.

She cherishes the innocent that makes no attempt to destroy her. But shortens the days of the gluttonous by a thousand years. Oblivion is now a place that people fear. They fight in their anxiety, obsessed, with staying alive. But she gives them the choice; a stable ground or, a slippery slope. Because the climb is steep, they believe; greatness is at the top. So up they scramble. People over people, ego over ego and life over life. The more they attempt the greasy verge the more people follow and the more that are lost. Trailing and relying on others wisdom, they whisper, “If so many attempt this senseless feat it must be right!”

However, the stable ground provides expanse a province to explore and seek the completely unknown. To progress and partake from the substance of pure, sensual, essence. A reality of spirit and an anticipation that utopia is physical. She provides the senses to relish in the energy of Oblivion.

The scrambling people look down and scoff at your laziness. They throw stones and abuse at your withdrawal. The meaninglessness of their exertion exhausts them and their attempt to escape becomes their fall. Below the brothers of lions wait to lock their jaws. The bloodstained soil gives no reminder of the wasted effort and shattered lives. The survivors take an amnesty, an interval, to build a monument to the fallen. Then, in an instant, the moment is forgotten and the pursuit resumes, the scramble begins.

Yet, for the few, the very few, there is hope for no more extinction. Oblivion is recognising and knowing what is forgotten by the world. Knowing Oblivion, is knowing your seven senses knowing them, is knowing wisdom, without knowing its power.

Oblivion is enlightenment, as is, pure consciousness, the utmost limit to which one can go.  Oblivion is as simple as being, being.

She is not emotion. She is beyond the orgasm of life. She is perfect sensuality. Sensuality brings forth perception. Oblivious beings bring forth sensuous images of new life, not death.

Oblivion shines bright, it is radiance and has no bounds. Abandon the struggles, relinquish containment and break the hour glass that measures your time. Use the sand to rest your head.

Forget what you don’t have, for the past has already forgotten you.

Oblivion will never leave you marooned or cast you away.  People walk away and hide from her. They think she judges their actions, but people judge themselves and allow their emotions to be their jury.

Selection is a choice. Oblivion eliminates the questions and provides every natural desire.

Oblivion is the space between ecstasy and trance, it will always be splendid. Lachlan Vincent Moore

Cabarita Beach NSW Australia

Chasing dreams will only exhaust you, being apart of your dreams at this very moment is daily bliss LVM

Photograph by LVM 2019
Photograph by LVM 2018 Lake Macquarie

The shape of nature is anyone’s guess. Knowing that nature is shapeless is vital awareness. If you allow your being to be drawn into the shapes of nature you will enjoy the journey of its pleasures and not see the objects as obstacles but as landmarks of destiny. LVM

Indulgence in Freethinking

Photograph by LVM

Limits of indulgence in the energy world are purely dependent on the capacity of the receiver. Indulgence in freethinking is a person’s confidence in themselves to rely solely on their own decisions, following the direction of their senses without logical reasoning.  

Freethinkers have attracted many negative connotations to their way of life. They are often called heretics, pagans, godless, rebellious and sceptics. When a person’s focus is outside the ordinary their thoughts are fixed on the exploration of new and extraordinary ways of doing things. The energy around them is vibrant and exciting. They are not the kind of person to stand on the street corner and declare how right they are. They are the people who have seen a different and uncommon opportunity and prepares to undertake it. Revolution is not their motivation. More to the point, it is the passionate drive within them that allows change. Not only around them, but, in themselves and others. If the others the “onlookers” desire change, change is what they will get.

Exclusivity should never be an inspiration. Exclusivity is absolute ego. A person cannot step out into the middle of the freeway and redirect traffic towards oncoming traffic. People’s responses would be obvious. Freethinkers are compassionate shifters.

 Before any major transformation has taken place, it would be wise to keep very quiet about what you are learning so as not to be discouraged and give up. Although, if a person has a determination deep within their belly to see change then, that person will be called to find an understanding within the energy world. The energy world exists in nature and it is nature you need to surround yourself in.

 The importance of being any form of encourager of the energy world, requires recognition of the environment you are devoted to.

Indulgence in the world of nature reveals and gratifies your desires. Indulgence is not being cynical about the things happening around you, it is, the activation, of discernment. Discernment helps eliminate reason and purpose driven judgment. Your job is not to advocate justice. Moral and righteous thinking are merely a hypocritical conduct of conformities and principles, of an administration that has never set foot on green grass.

Focus is only one of the arrows in your quiver. If you are intending to shoot the bull’s eye of your target you don’t aim for the sky and hope it meets your mark. You would first check your environment and discern if the elements are beneficial to your actions.

Let’s imagine that the bull’s eye is “reason” you have eight named arrows in your quiver as you shoot. Try and see if each arrow secures the centre using your freethinking as guidance.

Denial; Too much pressure is the reason for not focusing.

Allowance; Time is the reason that I didn’t get to focus.

Manipulation; another person is the reason for lack of focus.

Rejection; someone was the reason my awareness was out of focus.

Permission; pressure was the reason for closing my eyes I forgot to focus.

Want; I need it and didn’t get it is the reason I didn’t focus.

Intolerance; there is only so much patience a person can focus on.

Death; No need for a reason and no need to focus.

There are 171, 476 words in the English language each have a reason and each is an excuse for another word. A person could use every word in the dictionary in one week explaining why some things never happened, but it only takes a moments indulgence of rethinking to change and shift a direction and the domino effect of nexus (connection) begins. Think about it for a moment……don’t panic, take a breath, this is not over YET!  

Thank You for Reading

Lachlan V. Moore 

An occasion of Inspiration

Photograph LVM


The lack of interest of words in the energy world is not an apathetic indifference of the spirit energies not wanting to talk with you. Rather, it’s an opportunity to retrain your ability to be a greater influence in the venture that has been allocated to you.

Not every influence of inspiration that will come, comes in the shape of words. And not every influence of the energy world will come to you in signs. Although there are times when the spirit world attempts a transfer of information. So sometimes the only means of getting your attention is by the occasional book falling off a shelf or, a symbol that keeps reoccurring.

As stimulating and bizarre as those occasions may feel, “hocus pocus” is not the energy world’s sole form of communication. In fact, it’s at the bottom of the mystical timetable of influence. If an incident imparts an eerie sensation then that is the time to stop what you are doing and sense the environment around you. Clarify if it’s of benefit to your cause or situation. When signs become a person’s solitary confirmation of spiritual inspiration, they open themselves up to the world of abracadabra and the nonsensical world of meaningless talk, reducing awareness to hindrance. Superstition and ritual habits follow attacking their thoughts and discussion making.

The power that words, signs and symbols hold these days far out ways the mystical formulas of the past. When people began to separate themselves from creation and natures inspiration, the influence of the mystical, magical world, squeezed a wedge of sorcery and alchemy between the spirit world and themselves.

They invented chants, codes, dangerous cults and devastating voodoo jinx’s and every one of these have been passed down through the ages and now subconsciously they have smothered the perfect and beautiful influence of the spirit world.

Detaching yourself from these influences will not be easy but you need to know this; In your day to day life there are signs everywhere from telling you to “keep off the grass” to “no parking”. There are so many signs on the side of the road that by the time you have read them all you have hit the lolly pop man. The energy world does not need to give signs to get your attention. When a person is unaware, they’re not going to get it anyway. They’re not going to know what the correct sign is. However, with an aware person who is living in the moment of an occasion of inspiration they will not need a sign because, they would be doing what has influenced them in the first place.

People who demand signs before they do anything have already missed the boat. They stand on the wharf looking to the sky for their ship to come in. The only reason people are looking for spaceships is because the influential ones have already exited. (People not aliens). Don’t wait for a sign, be the one that has caused the effect.

Indisputably there are occasions in nature when a seagull may warn that there is danger lurking under the green sea, but you wouldn’t grab the seagull and take it wherever went as your threat detector. Or, when you’re wandering through the bush and have the sense to turn and go another way, you don’t keep going into danger just to see if your instincts were right. Your lack of response could trap you into misery.    

Inspiration is the immediate response of your senses significance and ability to create anything.

An occasion of inspiration is a momentary opportunity of adventure in impulsive illumination. It provides the substance of new discoveries each and every day. It is the inhaling and exhaling of the excellence of natural phenomena’s and the genius of your cleverness.

With Love, Imaginativeness and inspiration.

Lachlan V. Moore

Restlessness of Shame

Photograph by LVM

Sadly shame is the inability for one to recognize the power of sensuality over the fragmented morals of societies hypocritical oaths.

Naked sensuality is not blatant physical nudity. It is the eradication of shame to expose ones ability to create new levels of personal sensuality.

The construction and enhancement of sensuality is the potent desire not to focus on sexual or physical release but rather, the expansion of natures magnetic plantation of increase which only requires the contemplation of patience and timing.

When one boards a mechanical vehicle to reach their desire and arrives to find nothing at all of their desires; it only means they have arrived before the timing of destiny. Destiny may only be moving at walking pace for that desire. Ego can often arrive years before the timing of desire. Desire then must wait for destiny to catch up. Alternatively, impatience will increase ego and impatience will rip through your being like blood curdling screams on a battle field. Ego will always destroy the organic growth of destiny’s desire.

If shame has filled your sensual appetite with impatience, spend a little time with yourself and fall in love with you and your childish imagination all over again.

Thank you for reading

Lachlan Vincent Moore

Spiritual Osmosis

Spiritual osmosis is the infusion of grace which subliminally infiltrates an aware person’s energy, it removes over-indulged ego and “want” replacing it with favor.

The process of spiritual osmosis is only complicated by expectations.

Expectations must be replaced by forgetting the demand of a sequence of events that has been revealed to you either by vision, dream or premonition.

Just because the fruit of ones dreams may have been revealed before it’s development does not mean it is ripe for harvest.

The seeds of your dreams take time to develop, one can push their demand before the natural timing but seedless fruit can never reproduce anything.